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The 2018 Ford Raptor F-150 version

Dec 6, 2018 Auto/Car by admin

At present, the 2018 Ford Raptor F-150 version of the version of the performance version has a small number of cars, the end of the year limited time promotion, 2018 models of the raptor manufacturers guide price is 57.28, the current car price increase , 2018 Ford F-150 Raptor color is sufficient and multiple choices (storm black, knight white, lightning blue, ruby red, Chinese red, English rock gray), the latest offer, beast-like pickup promotion big "price", prepare for off-road desert freedom Line, price freezing point, Tianjin Port Bonded Area Ford Raptor imported pickup 4S store, completely kill Toyota Road and Dodge Ram, fierce attack, all cars, formalities, Tianjin Port's most honest business, mortgage stage, zero down payment, on Beijing brand, Tianjin card, do not shake the number, no indicators. Since January 1st, 2018, all pickup trucks have been on the card and the annual inspection has no need for door spray and reflective strips!

Li Bo 186-1137-1314

Another 2017 Ford F-150 Platinum Edition, 2018 Ford F-150XLT Edition, 2018 Ford F-150 Platinum Edition, 2018 Ford F-150Lariat Deluxe Edition, 2016, 2017, 2018 Ford F-150 Large 7 SUV brave. All Ford F-150 versions except the Raptor version can be used for special work vehicles. The special work vehicle function: from the 15 years of forced dumping of the truck to 30 years of mandatory scrapping, can be upgraded and put on the card, and can enter and leave the city at will. ETC, high speed holidays are free.

Fuel consumption comparison:

Ford F-150 series pickup, 3.5TT, 10-speed gearbox. The fuel consumption in the urban area is 15.8, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 10.5, and the comprehensive fuel consumption is 14.7.Dodge Ram Ram1500 series pickup, 5.7L, 8-speed gearbox. The fuel consumption in the urban area is 16.7, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 11 and the comprehensive fuel consumption is 15.7.Toyota smooth series pickup truck, 5.7L, 6-speed gearbox. The fuel consumption in the urban area is 20.5, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 14.6, and the overall fuel consumption is 18.2.2018 Ford F-150 new Raptor, equipped with 3.5TT high-powered engine, 10-speed gearbox, electronic parking system, engine automatic start and stop, 421 horsepower to play all kinds of off-road terrain, highlighting a kind in the wild A high-end lifestyle, experience a different exotic style. Buying a car can be concessionary. Friends who are interested in these cars may wish to pay more attention. The specific configuration is as follows:Performance version: 3.5TT high-power engine, 421 horsepower (parallel import regular version F-150 3.5TT horsepower 380, US version, plus version, ink version Raptor raptor are 456), 10-speed automatic transmission, change Stopper, six optional terrain modes, with Xenon automatic headlights, LED taillights, LED container lights, rearview mirror heating, FORD standard net, Raptor dedicated pedal, combination lock, 17 inch sports wheels, FOX SVT off-road shock absorption, chassis guard, leather multi-function steering wheel, cruise fixed speed, Raptor dedicated foot pad, automatic anti-glare interior rear view mirror, reversing radar, front, rear and rear three differential locks, steep slope descent control, trailer Brake controller, trailer rocking control, curve control, tire pressure monitoring, SOS rear collision warning system, power seat (main 10 pair 10), front seat heating, smart charging USB, Applink TM, SYNC3 (8 inches large Screen), panoramic double sunroof, electric rear window, rear privacy glass, defroster, (six optional drive modes: 1. Normal mode is very suitable for daily driving. 2. Sports mode provides higher performance when driving on the road. Third, the weather mode can be in the rain Provides reliable control in snow or ice. 4. Sediment mode is suitable for muddy and sandy terrain. 5. Desert high-speed mode is suitable for high-speed desert terrain. 6. Rock mode is suitable for low-speed rocky terrain.)Performance version: Includes all features of the performance version, one-button activation, keyless entry, remote start, induction wiper, two-tone leather seat, front seat ventilation, rear seat heating, dual zone air conditioning, inflatable seat belt Steering wheel electric adjustment, Danish luxury brand "B&O" sound system, voice-activated navigation, electric adjustment brake throttle, rear tail door FORD decorative board, technology package (lane keeping, lane departure warning, 360 degree ring shadow, radar ranging, and Line assist), the back box is sprayed with lining and the anti-shedding hub.

Using the strength to interpret the off-road to send the Ford F-150 tough level

Off-road is a kind of enjoyment for those who are familiar with it. It doesn't matter the hardships of the road, because they want to enjoy the passion and freedom in the process. They need such a hearty self-release; for those who are not familiar with it. It may be a torment, because they can't bear the hardships in the process, and they don't fully realize the joy and joy they bring.And to enjoy the extreme enjoyment of off-road fun, modification has become a necessary option. Although most of the off-road models now have good off-road performance in the prime car state, it seems that it is not enough. From reduction to elevation, from purely for off-road blasting to rational modification for logistical support for all kinds of off-road events, the success of super pickups is everywhere, but most of them are the same, and as a pickup of ashes, you have already appeared. The aesthetic is tired. But after reading this today, this Ford F-150 may make you shine.Compared with the previous pickup modification case, this F-150 has been more comprehensively upgraded and modified, and it is completely armed from the foot to the teeth, which is not obvious.The front part of the car is fitted with the Ford F-150 bullpen front bumper and the cow head cover, and four pairs of warning lights are installed on the front bumper and the cover to provide a safety guarantee for night driving. Of course, for off-road vehicles, the winch is also essential, so the WARN winch is added to the front bumper, which also provides a guarantee for rescue and self-rescue in harsh environments.The entire front bumper extends from the bottom to the top, completely wrapping the front part of the vehicle, which not only protects, but also further highlights the temperament of the whole car. The middle part of this bullpen front bumper is equipped with EXCEED cellular medium net. In order to further enhance the viability of the vehicle in the wild, a wading device is installed in the front. The addition of Optimus Prime exhaust, gantry and bull's head pedals further enhances the functionality of the vehicle. At the rear of the car is the addition of the Ford Raptor plaque and matching the rear bumper of the bull head. For protection of your cars buy ford truck cover f150

The tires use the road navigation CLX-9 mud off-road tires, the three-layer polyester cord construction on the sidewall and the high-strength belt of the tread effectively improve the puncture resistance of the tire. The suspension of the chassis adopts the nitrogen head shock absorption of the bull head, which improves the strength, improves the adaptability of the original car and improves the off-road performance. It is a shock absorber designed for the F-150 with high cost about it? The addition of the bullpen front bumper and the warning light is not the style of the American pickup truck. Of course, this car is not only to attract the eye, but the more powerful passing ability and comfortable driving experience after the modification is its highlight, and the pickup truck type has innate practicality, this Ford F-150 is Not to make your eyes shine?

3.5-liter Ford F-150 modified case container is the point of view

Ford F-150Can be described as the most popular pickup truck model, the annual sales volume ranked top of the charts also let rivals envy. The new F-150, which is upgraded and upgraded with an aluminum body, is naturally the new favorite of pickup enthusiasts. The modification of individual models has become their main task. At the annual SEMA modified auto show in Las Vegas, the appearance of a number of F-150 modified models can be seen in the popularity of this model. Extang - the company that specializes in folding container covers has also created a new F-150 pickup Participate in the SEMA auto show, of course, they are more for brand promotion, but it does not affect this pickup is a very well-remodeled work. The modified F-150 is a four-wheel drive Lariat SuperCrew model with a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine .For a company with a main container cover, it is sometimes difficult to retrofit a complete vehicle, so Extang has teamed up with the Custom Cars and Concepts project team at the Washtnau Community College in the United States. A full range of custom modifications, and Extang's masterpiece is the new generation of folding container cover. The new cover basically occupies the entire container space, as there is a set of pullable toolboxes under the cover. BASF offers a two-color body painting solution that was individually designed and finished by the students of the Custom Cars and Concepts project team. In addition, the LEDs installed in the front part of the car provide enough light in the night environment. In terms of power, they did not upgrade the radical computer program, but chose to replace the Airaid MXP and the Ford Racing exhaust to obtain a small power boost. The suspension system chose the BDS 4-inch kit and upgraded the FOX suspension, while replacing the 20x10 American Force Burnout rim and the 285/60R20 Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tire .Extang's modified F-150 is the best partner for the field workers. The cargo box is very rich, the roof has a folding ladder, and more importantly, this is a 2015 F-150, inside the car. The configuration is higher, and the upgraded Kicker sound system also makes the boring work more fun.The question you want to know about the Ford F150 Raptor is here.

In the second half of 2017, the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China announced that from October 1, 2017, the Ford F-150 Raptor will be officially classified as a passenger vehicle (8703) from a freight motor vehicle (8704). This means that the Ford F-150 Raptor pickup has finally changed from the identity of the truck to the passenger car. For consumers who love pickup, it is definitely a good news. The “turning right” of identity means that the restrictions on pickups are coming. The more relaxed.According to the classification of domestic pickup trucks, single-seat pickup trucks have obvious cargo characteristics. Heavy-duty pickup trucks and pickup trucks with a length of more than 6 meters are classified as freight motor vehicles (8704). For the Ford F-150 Raptor, the maximum total mass is 3198kg, the curb weight is 2682kg, the passenger weight is 335kg, the cargo weight is 181kg, the cargo weight is lower than the passenger weight, and the double row seat is not More than 6 meters, it belongs to the customs declaration of passenger cars (8703).However, after the Ford F-150 Raptor is classified as a passenger car, its comprehensive tax rate will increase significantly, and the tax rate will increase from 46.25% to 95%. In other words, the price of the Ford F-150 Raptor pickup will increase significantly.

About Ford Brave:

The Ford Brave is not the regular American pickup in our eyes, but a new full-size 7-seat super-luxury SUV developed for the chassis of the F150 series. It was sold to the Chinese market in 2015. More importantly, the brave man can not only enter the blue card, but also enter the city at will, and the C photo can be opened on the road. The annual review is six years, and there is no deadline for 15 years to be scrapped. The whole vehicle adopts the original imported chassis, equipped with 3.5TT V6 turbocharged engine front four-wheel drive, maximum traction 4858 kg, 10-speed manual transmission, both off-road vehicle's powerful, durable and multi-functional multi-number of commercial vehicles. Driving experience.